Avante Laser & Aesthetics is a family owned and operated MediSpa located in Burnaby, a beautiful suburb of Metro Vancouver. Please feel free to explore our website and contact us at anytime if you have any comments or questions.

Why we chose Avante…

When our family decided to start our newest business venture, a medical aesthetics spa (also known as a medispa), we wanted a name that would encompass certain philosophies. Philosophies such as utilizing the best equipment, clients experiencing the best results, as well as repeat customers and referred customers by awesome customer service experiences.

We chose Avante, the Portuguese word for forward, it also means ahead in Spanish. Similarly avanti means onward / in front in Italian and avant means front in French, for example similar to the use in avant garde.

This multilingual and powerful word is also related to our family name, which means future / immortality / ongoing.


Why we chose the symbol…


After some review you may notice that the symbol resembles a stylized ‘A’. The two circles were placed to represent the 2 families that came up with the original idea. Also it is a right facing arrow. A right facing arrow is the universal symbol for forward. Finally, the symbol represents a mountain, which is our homage to the mountains of beautiful British Columbia, where we began this venture. Coincidentally, mountains, more specifically, mountain peaks represent the pinnacle of a arduous journey.



Avante Laser & Aesthetics
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