Body Map

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Abdomen Anus Area
Areolae Between Brows
Bikini Area Bikini Line
Brazilian & Bikini Area (female) Brazilian (female)
Brazilian (male) Cheeks
Forearms Forehead
Full Arms Full Back
Full Legs Gluteal Crease
Gluteal Cleft Glutes
Lower Legs Neck (back)

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forehead forehead face face glutes glutes between_brows between_brows sideburns sideburns sideburns ears ears ears cheeks cheeks cheeks nose nose upper_lip upper_lip chin chin neck_front neck_front neck_back shoulders shoulders shoulders shoulders shoulders chest chest areolae areolae areolae abdomen abdomen obliques obliques obliques obliques obliques obliques stomach_hair_line full_back full_back upper_back upper_back lower_back lower_back full_arms full_arms full_arms full_arms full_arms underarms underarms underarms underarms underarms underarms upperarms upperarms upperarms upperarms upperarms forearms forearms forearms forearms forearms hands_fingers hands_fingers hands_fingers hands_fingers hands_fingers bikini_line bikini_line bikini_line extended_bikini_line extended_bikini_line extended_bikini_line extended_bikini_line bikini_area bikini_area bikini_area brazilian_female brazilian_female brazilian_female brazilian_bikini_area_female brazilian_bikini_area_female brazilian_bikini_area_female brazilian_male full_legs full_legs full_legs full_legs full_legs upper_legs upper_legs upper_legs upper_legs upper_legs lower_legs lower_legs lower_legs lower_legs lower_legs toes_feet toes_feet toes_feet toes_feet toes_feet gluteal_crease gluteal_crease gluteal_crease gluteal_cleft anus_area Body

This is a general guideline to treatment areas. The laser technician can better determine exactly the area covered during your initial consultation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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