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Laser Hair Removal – Full Face $65
Laser Hair Removal – Upper Lip & Chin $30
Laser Hair Removal – Underarms $35
Laser Hair Removal – Brazilian $59
Laser Hair Removal – Lower Legs (3 sessions) $349
HydraFacial – Full Face $85
ClearLift – Full Face & Neck $89
IPL Photorejuvenation – Full Face $79

Price List

Updated as of May 27th 2020.


Consultation FREE
Full Face $125
Forehead $100
Between Brows $50
Sideburns $80
Ears $60
Cheeks $90
Nose $70
Upper Lip $70
Chin $75
Neck (Front) $90
Neck (Back) $90
Shoulders $150
Chest $275
Areolae $60
Abdomen $150
Obliques $90
Stomach Hair Line $75
Full Back $325
Upper Back $250
Lower Back $125
Full Arms $325
Underarms $90
Upper Arms $175
Forearms $175
Hands & Fingers $75
Bikini Line $100
Extended Bikini Line $60
Bikini Area $140
Brazilian (Female) $250
Brazilian & Bikini Area (Female) $280
Brazilian (Male) $325
Full Legs $425
Upper Legs $275
Lower Legs $225
Knees $50
Toes & Feet $75
Glutes $150
Gluteal Crease $75
Gluteal Cleft $75
Anus Area $80


HydraFacial Skin Resurfacing – Full Facial $165


Full Face & Neck $500


Full Facial $315
Eyes $125
Cheeks $150
Chin/Upper Neck $125
Full Neck $210
Neck Line/Upper Chest $275
Abdomen $350
Obliques $275
Upper Arms $400
Inner Thighs $350
Outer Thighs $425
Full Thighs $685
Glutes $375


Consultation FREE
Chin $100
Cheeks $150
Forehead $125
Partial Facial $250
Full Facial $295
Neck $200
Chest $350
Neck & Chest $500
Full Facial, Neck, & Chest $720
Hands $250
Forearms $350
Hands & Forearms $500
Upper Back $500


Full Facial $215
Periorbital (Eyes) & Forehead $125
Lower Face (Cheeks & Around Mouth) $125
Neck $175
Chest $245
Abdomen $235
Obliques $225
Inner Thighs $275
Outer Thighs $275
Upper Legs (Inner/Outer Thighs) $530
Lower Legs $205
Full Legs $710
Glutes $275
Upper Back $285
Lower Back $225
Full Back $490
Upper Arms $195
Forearms $165
Full Arms $320


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I have just finished my last session and I must say I’ve never felt better. they make you feel so comfortable with what ever work you get. I recommend 100% and I will be going in for other work! thank you very much



Best prices in town and pain free laser. Works on all skin types. Me and my girlfriend both use their service. We love it.

Justin Brah


I’ve been going to Avante for about a year now and Sandi is honestly amazing! She is so kind and makes you feel very comfortable. She genuinely cares about her clients and want her clients to see the best results. She goes above and beyond, a service you don’t see often! Also, the building is beautiful and clean. This is definitely the place to go to, I recommend it to all of my friends!

Danielle Smith


Sandi is so awesome. She is very kind and friendly. Thank you for such great service. Very professional. She is accommodating and adherent to the customers needs. Looking forward to more treatments with you.

Ms. One


Unbelievably fast & painless. So comfortable & works better than anything I’ve done in the past.

Ashley Sherrard


I love this place so much! It’s reasonable priced and the results are pretty good! You’ll notice a difference after every laser session, especially with having such dark, thick hair and it’s made such an impact. I love the staff, and I love that the treatments don’t take very long. I definitely recommend this place!

Imara Rahim


Came here to get my eyelashes done. They turned out absolutely amazing. Good quality lashes, great service and fantastic conversation. While I was visiting I noticed they had a laser promo so I got a touch up Brazilian and underarm hair removal for under 100$. Both girls were funny and great. Will definitely be back.

Leah Sikorski


So I actually started going for laser at another place. They did not do a good job at all but then I went to Avante and just in SIX sessions i was hair free!! and i used to get those horrible ingrown that made me feel so insecure and I am so happy to have found this place!! Reasonable prices and very clean place!

Shafaq Noorani


The service at Avante has always been amazing! Sandy is so friendly and sincerely wants to help her customers. I have always struggled with really stubborn hair and she actually made it her mission to help get rid of it. She’s great at distracting you when the laser treatment is happening so that you don’t notice the pain. I would highly recommend getting your laser treatments done here, as you will be so well taken care of.

Zahra Dhanani


Great service, great prices. Sandi is so down to earth and makes the experience very comfortable. I have a crazy schedule and they are always accommodating and communicative with scheduling. The laser treatment turned out amazing — I wish I did this years ago!

Leea Stott


Sandy is awesome! Shes helped me keep my skin glowing all these years!

Peggy Chow


Best eyelash extensions I have ever had. I got them done a week before my vacation as it is the only time I had for an appointment. It was so quick, less than an hour. If needed I was offered refills before I went, however, I didn’t need them. They were amazing. I went on vacation for three weeks and spent everyday in salty sea water doing extreme watersports. They lasted the entire time and for another week back at home afterwards. I really am so happy they lasted. I will be back. Thank you.

Nicola Chard


I am so pleased with this place not only is the service great but the results I’ve gotten are amazing . I am a transgender women and was always very self conscious about my facial hair to be able to go out in public without makeup on and feel confident and beautiful is so awesome 🙂 sandy is so cool and super nice I will recommend her to anyone ! Thanks sandy 😘

Kayla Pouliot


Bought a groupon for laser hair and after the first treatment I saw such great results that I returned for my second session with multiple added treatment areas. Looking forward to continuing to see results. This is a clean, professional environment with good conversation and thorough, efficient service. I live close but IMO this place is worth travelling to, lots of other business in the area to make a shopping/eating trip out of it if you have to. I recommend.

Kaite Nielson


Definitely one of the places I would recommend to anyone looking to get laser. Sandi is so professional and takes her time with each client. Every time I walk into this place both ladies always have smiles on their faces and are always keen to help those that are coming in. The pricing is affordable and the results are astounding. Will definitely continue to come here for my laser needs. Thank you Avante!

Jasleen K


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