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Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions
in Burnaby

Use lash extensions for a natural or
dramatic effect.

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Lash Extensions

Volumize the natural lash line with quality lash extensions

Enhance the eyes with semi-permanent lash extensions in Burnaby. Resilient to water, exercise, and almost everything you do, we offer lashes that range from dramatic to low-key classic in a range of colours and styles.

Depending on the desired volume, we attach one or two extensions to your natural lash. All our lashes are high quality and cruelty-free, lasting about as long as the natural six-week growth cycle before naturally shedding. Remember, everyone’s cycle is slightly different, with fills required anywhere between two to three weeks to maintain optimal results.

For stunning lash extensions in Burnaby

Enhance the face and eyes with semi-permanent lash extensions in Burnaby. Our lash tech maps the best length, curl, thickness, and size according to the traits of your natural lashes for extensions that flawlessly fit your face and enhance your style.