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Laser skin treatments in Burnaby - Photorejuvenation | Avante


Laser Skin Treatments
in Burnaby

Target skin imperfections and
colour inconsistencies.

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Laser skin treatments in Burnaby

Improve tone and texture with
gentle, non-invasive laser skin
treatments (IPL)

Our state-of-the-art technology has advanced cooling and safety features that make it safer and more comfortable to use. As a medical aesthetic team, we customize the settings, so the broad spectrum light energy safely penetrates into the skin layers to address specific concerns for skin that’s noticeably more even with improved tone and texture.

Target pigmentation, sun damage, and laxity with laser skin treatments in Burnaby. We use non-invasive, non-ablative light therapy for skin that looks younger, clearer, and fresher. 

Enjoy a more beautiful, even-looking complexion 24/7

Address leading complexion concerns such as brown and red pigmentation, age spots, and even rosacea-related redness.  For laser skin treatments in Burnaby, IPL harnesses the colours of the light spectrum to penetrate the skin at different levels and address key concerns where they lie.